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Apex Garages

Our apex concrete garages are really suited for clients looking for extra roof space.

Sloping Garages

This range is most suited for clients simply looking for good value for money & looking to maintain a quality build

Elite Garages

Our premier range and by far the most popular with clients looking to add value to their property

Double Garages

If you have the room for it our double garages am sure will be a great addition for you

Attached Garages

Also known as lean to garage this range is more specialist to build & install and we always suggest calling us directly to discuss.

Battery Garages

A popular choose for our private landlords, housing associations and local councils.

X-Height Garages

More suited for commercial clients that require extra height or even a private customer who perhaps is looking to store a caravan or some large object?


Looking for a large workshop?

Concrete Garages Lincoln

The city of Lincoln dates back to 300 BC and it has one of the most captivating heritage. Even back then, timber houses were already in fashion and with civilisation, the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, and others made this place their home. During the industrial revolution, the excellence of the city of Lincoln came mainly from the engineering industry. In the 21st century, this city is still a world leader in engineering technology boasting some of the fastest growing universities.

What all this means is that there is a peculiar attractiveness that keeps people coming to Lincoln. The theatres, the shopping, the tours, and other leisure experiences have made this one of the fastest growing city.

Nucrete Concrete Garages has been one of the companies that has contributed immensely to the growth and prosperity of Lincoln through the manufacture and installation of garages. The reason why we have specialised in concrete garages is because they are much cheaper to construct and their popularity is incredible.

Among the products we manufacture and install include:

  • Apex garages

  • Sloping garages

  • Attached garages

  • Double garages

  • Elite garages

  • Extra height garages

  • Commercial garages

  • Battery garages

On top of this, we offer base laying service. This is mainly to our customers who require work to be done on their sites before the installation of the garage. If there is an old garage you want removed, we shall do that and even help you with landscaping works to bring your work station or garden to the condition you want.

Our products are targeted at both domestic and commercial customers. We have made it our policy to give our customers products and services that are of the highest quality and reliability.

Before we start the installation process, we first undertake a survey of the area to determine the size, the gradient, and even the soil structure. Our professional installers and engineers will advise you accordingly on what needs to be done so as to get the concrete garage of your choice at your site.


If you want further clarification or would want to make an order, get in touch with us on 01522 280 040!

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