PaWned By Ph.Hitachi
We don't HacKed to Impress
We HacKed to Express

hi i'm ""
i'm not a pro. it's only a passion. I Like To Understand Things In Depth, For Me, The Real Hacker Is Not Defacing,
I Now Think You'll Waste Your Time, By Putting A Page Hacked By Ph.Hitachi,
Security is illusion,No System are safe, The Real Knowledge In Hacking Has No Limits,
For Me The Real Hacking Is A Way Of Thinking. A Way Of Liking Understanding Things In Depth,
Like Learning C Language (PHP Has Mainly Been Coded In C, Your Operating System Has Mainly Been Coded In C).
A Real Hacker Knows His Computer's Secrets,
Defacing Is A Shame On This World, However, It's One Of My Interest And Favourite One's :P

Greetz && Respect
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