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Apex Garages

Our apex concrete garages are really suited for clients looking for extra roof space.

Sloping Garages

This range is most suited for clients simply looking for good value for money & looking to maintain a quality build

Elite Garages

Our premier range and by far the most popular with clients looking to add value to their property

Double Garages

If you have the room for it our double garages am sure will be a great addition for you

Attached Garages

Also known as lean to garage this range is more specialist to build & install and we always suggest calling us directly to discuss.

Battery Garages

A popular choose for our private landlords, housing associations and local councils.

X-Height Garages

More suited for commercial clients that require extra height or even a private customer who perhaps is looking to store a caravan or some large object?


Looking for a large workshop?

Concrete Garages Sunderland

The coastal city of Sunderland is known for many things and especially those passionate with history may know that this city grew as a port dealing in coal and salt. As early as the 14th century, the ship construction industry had already begun around this area. This signaled an era of vibrancy and economic prosperity for the city that attracted lots of people from other corners of the United Kingdom.

Recently, the city has seen an expansion of its commercial centre to accommodate increasing investments in science and technology, automotive industry, as well as the service centre. As per the 2011 census, Sunderland’s population was slightly over 174,000.

Thanks to its coastal location, there is always need for extra space among the residents as they seek to economize on what they have. This is where Nucrete Concrete Garages comes in. We are among the leading manufacturers and installers of concrete garages in Sunderland.

Over the years, we have been providing residents and commercial business owners here with garage storage solutions. Among the products we proudly offer include:

  • Apex concrete garages

  • Sloping roof garages

  • Elite concrete garages

  • Double garages

  • Attached garages

  • Extra height garages

  • Commercial garages

All our garages are manufactured to meet the highest possible quality and using the finest materials. The garage walls are constructed using advanced technology that ensures strength, rigidity, and resilience. The foundation is reinforced with concrete to give the structures extra strength and support. This also applies to the roofing which consists of corrugated cement fibre that is a 100% asbestos free.

The technical expertise we have is unique in the marketplace and has enabled us to guarantee our customers that our concrete garages are of high quality. Every manufacturing process is handled exclusively in-house thus giving us full control of our products. Since we deal directly with our customers and manufacturers, we ensure that we pass all the benefits of quality and price to them.

All our installers are fully registered and retrained regularly to ensure they deliver as per the expectations of our customers. If you are looking for a concrete garage manufacturer and installer in Sunderland who understands your needs and is ready to priorities your project, then it has to be Nucrete Concrete Garages. Reach us on 0191 480 2876.


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