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Apex Garages

Our apex concrete garages are really suited for clients looking for extra roof space.

Sloping Garages

This range is most suited for clients simply looking for good value for money & looking to maintain a quality build

Elite Garages

Our premier range and by far the most popular with clients looking to add value to their property

Double Garages

If you have the room for it our double garages am sure will be a great addition for you

Attached Garages

Also known as lean to garage this range is more specialist to build & install and we always suggest calling us directly to discuss.

Battery Garages

A popular choose for our private landlords, housing associations and local councils.

X-Height Garages

More suited for commercial clients that require extra height or even a private customer who perhaps is looking to store a caravan or some large object?


Looking for a large workshop?

Concrete Garages Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough is classified as part of the built-up area of Teesside which had a total population of more than 376,000 as at 2011. As a large industrial town, Middlesbrough has seen quite a number of activity from industrial to retail and the service industry. Looking at this town today, one can hardly imagine that in 1801, it was just a small farm with just 25 people. Much of the growth came in the second half of the 19th century.

In 1867, Middlesbrough was made a parliamentary borough through a reform bill. Much of the industrial activity was based on iron and steel which were the main minerals pushing this town into the hall of fame. By the turn of the 19th century, Middlesbrough had started attracting lots of migrants who came and worked here.

Nucrete Concrete Garages is one of the additions into the industrial companies list thanks to its innovativeness and focus on quality as it manufactures concrete garages. There is a huge demand for these builds here as many homeowners are looking to expand their homes in cost effective ways and commercial entities creating more space for their production facilities.

Our Concrete Garages

While manufacturing and installing garages in Middlesbrough, one of the key elements we factor in is the oceanic climate and its impact on the strength and stability of our structures. Over time, we have improved on the quality of our builds giving residents and businesses here quality they can trust. Our products include:

  • Apex garages

  • Sloping roof garages

  • Elite concrete garages

  • Attached garages

  • Double garages

  • Extra height garages

  • Commercial garages

In addition to the above garages, we can custom build and deliver a product that matches your tastes and preferences. Our concrete garages feature interlocking joints which give them superior protection and strength even in bad weather.

Before installing a garage, we do a survey process where our planning advisers help you and where applicable advice you on the planning permissions required. Thereafter, we take site measurements, do groundwork and preparation before laying the concrete base. It is until this is done and counterchecked that we supply and install the garage.


If you want your garage work to be handled by top professionals in Middlesbrough, get in touch with Nucrete Concrete garages on 01642 081 243. 

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