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Apex Garages

Our apex concrete garages are really suited for clients looking for extra roof space.

Sloping Garages

This range is most suited for clients simply looking for good value for money & looking to maintain a quality build

Elite Garages

Our premier range and by far the most popular with clients looking to add value to their property

Double Garages

If you have the room for it our double garages am sure will be a great addition for you

Attached Garages

Also known as lean to garage this range is more specialist to build & install and we always suggest calling us directly to discuss.

Battery Garages

A popular choose for our private landlords, housing associations and local councils.

X-Height Garages

More suited for commercial clients that require extra height or even a private customer who perhaps is looking to store a caravan or some large object?


Looking for a large workshop?

Concrete Garages Chester

Chester is said to be among the best preserved walled cities within Britain. There are lots of medieval buildings that date centuries back. The origin of Chester was heavily influenced by the Romans and this is evident even in its architecture. Thanks to its oceanic climate, the weather around here is always conducive for tours and excursions and this explains why the city always has activities going on.

It is only proper that whatever structures are put up in Chester provide continuity to the quality of buildings that the founders of this city painstakingly built. This is why Nucrete Concrete Garages is very keen on quality when making garage additions to the existing properties.

We source our materials directly from the manufacturers and this gives us the liberty to choose and order the quality we feel is appropriate for Chester. Among our customers in this city include homeowners, businesses, local authorities, and other organisations.

Our products are of high quality and done by professionals who are fully certified in garage manufacturing and installations. Among our products include:

Apex concrete garages – These garages give your property a distinctive look and are certainly value adding.

Sloping roof garages – These garages are done with a much simpler roofing structure and this is why they are competitively priced.

Elite garages – These are appropriate in sectional buildings and they are fairly priced.

Attached garages – If you are in need of a secondary utility storage, attached garages are excellent. They are bolted to the wall of your house for strength and stability.

Double garages – For the space they give you, these garages are fairly priced and combine the features of apex and sloping roof garages.

Extra height garages – We design extra height garages for our Chester customers who want to store vans, caravans, box trailers, and other massive vehicles.

Our manufacturing processes and installations are done by our professional engineers. However, before the process starts, we ensure that you have the necessary planning approvals, the groundwork is adequately done, and the concrete base upon which the garage will rest is well laid.


You can always give us a call on 01244 508 078. Our Chester offices look forward to hearing from you! 

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