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Apex Garages

Our apex concrete garages are really suited for clients looking for extra roof space.

Sloping Garages

This range is most suited for clients simply looking for good value for money & looking to maintain a quality build

Elite Garages

Our premier range and by far the most popular with clients looking to add value to their property

Double Garages

If you have the room for it our double garages am sure will be a great addition for you

Attached Garages

Also known as lean to garage this range is more specialist to build & install and we always suggest calling us directly to discuss.

Battery Garages

A popular choose for our private landlords, housing associations and local councils.

X-Height Garages

More suited for commercial clients that require extra height or even a private customer who perhaps is looking to store a caravan or some large object?


Looking for a large workshop?

The demand for concrete garages in Harrogate has been on the rise especially as property owners learn about the importance of such structures it can even increase the value of their existing homes. We currently receive many enquiries for new garage installations as well as replacements have been coming from both commercial and domestic customers.

In response to the rising demand for concrete garages, we have enhanced our production capacity and our flexibility so as to meet our customers’ needs. Our longevity and success has largely been based on our efforts to develop an excellent reputation starting from the designing to manufacturing and installation of concrete garages. The standards we follow are the highest in the industry and they touch on both the quality of the materials we use as well as our workmanship.

Concrete garage building is not just a physical undertaking, but also one that requires experience and a high level of training. Our customers throughout Harrogate have written to us praising our highly skilled staff for their experience and excellent customer services.

As a company that always want to standout in service delivery, Nucrete Concrete Garages has invested in both machinery and periodic trainings of our staff. This ensures we complete customer jobs on schedule and budget without compromising on the quality of work.

The Garages We Design and Install in Harrogate

We pride ourselves in our range of products that we have developed in response to the needs of our customers. Each of our products is built with a high level of specification which means we leave no room for doubt and speculation. Our main products include:

  • Apex garages

  • Elite garages

  • Sloping garages

  • Attached garages

  • Battery garages

  • X-Height garages

  • Commercial garages

Site Survey and Installation

Our site surveys are free of charge and we use the opportunity to discuss your concrete garage planning requirements. Our professionals will talk to you and advise whether you should obtain planning permission before commencing the building of your garage.

During the site measurement and design, we look at such things as the dimensions of your garage, the style you require, the finish, access doors, windows, and roofing materials. By the time we are done, we give you a comprehensive quote that details each element in a precise manner.


If you thought that building a concrete garage is such a hectic process, you will be amazed at our simple ordering process. Just call us at 01423 296 163 and leave the rest to our professionals. All our garage installations are backed up by a 10-year full warranty. 

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